Slow Living Lifestyle Blog | Capturing my life on the Isle of Man

Slow Living Lifestyle Blog | Capturing my life on the Isle of Man

Slow living on the Isle of Man starts with sunrise on my Port St Mary balcony this helps me set my intentions for the day. As the sun pokes its head above our East facing balcony it really does make me happy.

I have been enjoying the simple things in life. Planting small seedlings and making sourdough in an attempt to become a bit more self-sufficient. Life has been pretty hectic this year. Trying to start a business and financial pressure often anxiety and frustration. Taking time out to do simple tasks really does help to put fears into perspective.

Slow living lifestyle blog on the Isle of Man

This Video Starts In My Small Yard That Is In Need Of Some TLC

You’ll see me planting some seeds and starting some sourdough. My video then takes you on an adventure along a footpath called the Raad ny Foillan (or way of the Gull). The walk takes me to some old mines where I share their history. I then forage for gorse to make herbal tea. Who knew that this little yellow flower could create such a gorgeous tea?!

Sitting Of A Secluded Beach My Hopes And Fears Just Melted Away

The video finishes with me relaxing on a secluded beach on the way back to my car.

Slow Living On The Isle Of Man Is Made So Easy

Beautiful walks and nature are right on everyone’s doorsteps. I’ve found recently that planting my own plants and going on daily adventures helps me to appreciate what I DO have and forget what I DON’T. A lot of people dream of being on holiday and forget to just appreciate where they live. I love to explore Manx footpaths and find historical gems.

Reading Manx Mines snippet on their website about the mine I explored today has been around since 1200BC is mind-blowing! Check out their website for more interesting facts!!

If you love the look of where I live then why not consider visiting the Isle of Man. You can visit the local government page here​. If you dream of living on the Isle of Man then also check out the Locate Isle of Man page​. There is lots of help for those considering a move :).

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