Women’s Running Clothing you need NOW!

Women’s Running Clothing you need NOW!

Women's Running Clothing can make or break a run. SWEATY BETTY's women's running clothing has been created by women for women.

Sweaty Betty is my go to brand for women’s running clothing. The sports bra has been designed with the female body in mind and the waistband of the legging have absolutely no slippage. You are able to feel the quality of the garments fabric. As a result you feel happier and more supported during a run.

Read on to learn my favourite Sweaty Betty items that are great for runners!

Sweaty Betty Women's Running Clothing: Sweaty Betty's Sports Bra has won AWARDS

Sweaty Betty Women’s Running Clothing has been designed by women for women. This has lead to the design of an award winning sports bra.

Every woman knows that choosing the right sports bra is really important for female runners. No matter what size chest you have the right sports bra can make or break the enjoyment of your run. 

“Since 2005, a team of researchers at the University of Portsmouth has been investigating the way women’s breasts move during exercise. Headed by Dr Joanna Scurr, the Research Group in Breast Health has been examining the topic from a bio-mechanical, physiological and clinical perspective.

With the female breast moving up to a recorded 21cm during excise, it’s no surprise that 72% of exercising females experience breast pain during physical activity. Unfortunately, the anatomy of the female breast includes only weak, natural supporting structures known as the Coopers ligaments, which weave between the milk glands in thin, fibrous sheets.” Find full article here .

When choosing a sports bra, it’s recommended women try on a variety of bras and select the one they feel is most supportive. A professional bra fitting is always recommended, particularly for larger-breasted women.

It is also recommended that women follow five simple steps to obtain the perfect bra fit:

  • the band is horizontal all the way around
  • the cups do not bulge or gape
  • the under-wire follows the natural curve of the breast tissue
  • the front of the bra sits flat against the chest wall
  • the shoulder straps are adjusted appropriately
Following these steps really will make you a happier runner!

My Top Sweaty Betty Women's Running Clothing​


This award-winning support by Sweaty Betty, is a best-selling run bra designed for high-impact activities and supports up to a F cup. 

The perfect combination of compression and encapsulation technology, the mesh panels in high-sweat areas also offer ventilation and help keep you dry. 

Carefully placed seams on the outside of the bra also ensure no unwanted chafing. Plus, adjustable straps ensure you can wear it as a racerback or U-back.

“The Runners World Takeaway: The Ultra Run Bra is deceivingly delicate yet provides reliable support for high intensity workouts—like running.” https://www.runnersworld.com/gear/a30297255/sweaty-betty-ultra-run-bra-review/

Here are some of the bra’s key factors;

  • Mesh panels provide ventilation
  • No molded cups or removable pads
  • Wear as U-back or crossback

2) Breeze Merino Long Sleeve Running Top

Was £85 Now £59

You can’t be without a good quality long sleeve top. Sometimes it can make or break the decision to step out of the door for a run. 

This versatile long sleeve top was featured in my blog about the best gear for beginner trail runners. Check out the article here.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on this must have before dreaded winter is with us again!!

The all-weather hero fabric strikes again with this temperature-regulating run top with breathable panels. Wear for running, cycling and as a versatile layer, you won’t regret it.

  • Mighty merino layer is a winter running hero
  • Lightweight merino blend fabric regulates body temperature
  • Sleeves in ultra-lightweight Italian fabric breathability

3) Power Workout Vest

Was £55.00 Now £33.00

Let’s face it if you’ve never owned a pair of Sweaty Betty Power Leggings you haven’t lived ;). SB love their power leggings so much that they created a vest to match in the same hero fabric. Sweat-wicking and quick drying, this features mesh inserts for breathability and an in-built light support bra. Layer it over a sports bra for high impact workouts. Slim fitting with a racer back, this top comes to your waist.

4) Flatter Me Jaquard 7/8 Gym Leggings

Was £80.00 Now £64.00

I just love the pattern on these leggings, and @ £64.00 they’re great value. Who doesn’t need more patterned leggings in their life?!!

The leggings have incredible coverage and compression as you squat and stretch, they are sweat-wicking and quick drying for all workouts!!

5) All Day Cropped Contour Vest

Was £45.00 Now £31.00

You may spotted me rocking this all over my instagram account. This is my favourite Workout top at the moment!! The design is so pretty and the top is really comfortable on runs. *DISCLAIMER* If you have a larger chest then I’d perhaps advise a supporting bra under, or to limit workouts in this top to yoga/low impact activities. For those with a smaller chest like me… you should be fine running in this top.

6) Anna Medium Headband

Was £8.00 Now £5.00

An essential item for girls with BIG bushy hair like me :)!!

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