How to know if a Collab is legit?

How to know if a Collab is legit?

How to know if a Collab is legit... Do you have countless "Work with Me DM's" in your Insta Inbox? Do you have less than 1000 followers (like me ;))?

Here are some quick pointers that have helped me identify the right Collab for my personal brand ๐Ÿ™‚

1. The Collab offer should be mutually beneficial

From my point of view you should never be out of pocket when asked to collaborate.

Do you recognise some of these requests?

“You’ll get your own personal discount code, earn free clothing and commission”

“Would you be up for an idea of promoting us? Earning Free Clothing and getting posted on our page” This message gets sent to me on a monthly basis, and when you check out their account”

“You’ll get 50% OFF your first order. You get 25% off our product for life. You will get 10% of any Sale you send our way. Your followers get 15% off their orders”

The first two offers involved me earning my free clothing and when you visit their Instagram account it almost looks fake and run by bots. The third offer is more of a sales pitch than a collaboration. The third is fine if you like and agree with the product. From my point of view for a Collaboration to be mutually beneficial you should receive something for return of your product promotions. A lot of these to are a modern day version of a pyramid scheme…. guys and gals… don’t be drawn in!!

My first “in my view” credible collaboration has come from a Swedish Brand Mighty Solo. They offered me a FREE product that I was able to try out first before promoting. How can you honestly promote a product that you have never touched or tried?

Looking amazing in my latest Insta post... how do I know if your collab offer is legit?
You look amazing in your latest insta post. You receive lots of Collab requests. How do you know if the Collab requests are genuine?

2. You love the product

It’s my belief that the best collabs are with brands that you love. There is no point selling in promoting a poor quality product. At the end of the day you will lose all credibility with your followers.

My first “in my view” credible collaboration has come from a Swedish Brand Mighty Solo. Their ethos and story aligns with my own beliefs. The activewear they create has been carefully designed by women, for women. They also boast being Carbon Neutral.

The delight when mine and my collabs ideals match
The delight when my values matched my collab brand

3. Your Free item ACTUALLY Arrives

Guys & Gals, don’t pay for your collab item! If the item doesn’t arrive then you haven’t lost anything! I’m always suspicious of any collab who wants you to pay for their item.

If your collab item arrives then you’re winning!!!!! Woop!! Now you need to do your bit as agreed with your Collab brand. Like I said earlier if you like the product then it is so much easier to review. I’m a very genuine person and would feel guilty writing a positive review for a truly awful product.

Collab item arriving :D!!

My legit Mighty Solo Legging Review

From agreeing to help promote their product to the delivery and after sales. My whole experience has been absolutely fantastic.ย 

The leggings and sports bra arrived in a bell designed box and the packaging made the whole experience feel really luxurious. This is the first time any leggings that I’ve purchased have arrived like this.

The fit: The fit of the leggings and sports bra was really nice. The test came when I went for an easy trail run around a local plantation. The leggings did not slip and felt great for the full 5 miles.

The colour and pattern: I’m a sucker for bright colours and there was such a great selection available.ย 

Who would like these leggings? If you like Gym Shark & Sweaty Betty you have hit a winner with these. They are a bit of a mix between the two brands. The kit has the sex appeal of Gym Shark, with the quality and fit of Sweaty Betty.

Where can I look and purchase Mighty Solo Collection? The Mighty Solo website isย If you like any of the items then here is a discount code that you can use.


If you like my running style ;). Then check out my “Shop my Picks” page. Ciara x

Love the bright colours & fit
No annoying legging slippage during my run

Slow down your life with me :)!!

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