Shop My Pick: Hints & Tips to help to Shop the best Running Kit

Do you need some hints and tips to help you choose the best running kit out there? Do you waste loads of time scrolling internet pages for the right running kit?

The aim of this page is to help do some of the leg work for you.

This Shop My Pick page will bring you the trending must have running and self-improvement products. Feel free to get in touch if you have tried any of the below out? 

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Shop my Pick: Women's Running Shorts

Picking the right style of women’s running shorts can be such a challenge. From 1900 when the first inspirational women were allowed to compete at the Olympics there have been a few different women’s running short styles that have come in and out of fashion. To jazz this post up a bit I’ve linked each of the women’s running short styles to a retro style. From my research it’s crazy how much the saying what goes around, comes around is true!!

There are so many different women’s running short styles and fabrics it’s hard to know what option will…

  1. Look good on you
  2. Are a reasonable price
  3. Are functional for whatever training session you might be attempting

Women's Running Shorts

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This week there is a bit of a vegan feel for the reading listBettina’s Vegan Challenge is an absolute delight to read! Full review on the 7 Day Vegan Challenge is coming soon! My other big love at the moment are Hoka One One shoe. I know that running shoes should not all be about style, but I love the colour and out there look of the shoe. Anyone looking at your feet can instantly see you are wearing the shoes.

Following my Passion

After initially being given my redundancy news I pursued my passion in running by committing to Sports Massage and PT courses. This is a very obvious and conventional route to following a career in health and fitness.

However throughout COVID lockdown I’ve had a few light-bulb moments whilst teaching myself about Website creation and content marketing strategies. I love the buzz of creating content that people read and watch. 

I’m actively looking for collaborations for this blog, create feature blog articles, digital marketing opportunities.

So if you just need help boosting your online presence, please feel free to get in touch. 

Ciara x

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