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Ciara H | Freelance Services

Quick Summary 

You are probably short of time so hopefully this summary will help you make your decision as to whether you would like to hire me in a couple of minutes.

I have a sound business knowledge with over 10 years in sales & marketing. I’m well qualified with an MBA in Business. My MBA & work experience has given me a sound knowledge of a wide variety of business activities.

Check out my blogging services here.

So what makes me qualified to create your content? 

  • A professional photographer that can help you create original stock images
  • Writing is my passion
  • Experience writing blog content for my fitness blog
  • Wide range of business knowledge and process
  • Knowledge of creating and positioning content that sells
  • Experience researching keywords for a wide variety of subjects
  • Understanding of how to write content catered towards key customer segment
  • Experience working to tight deadlines
  • Experience working with WordPress & WIX 
  • Experience creating visually appealing designs in Canva

Why work with me?

  • Creative mind with lots of ideas 
  • Conscientious and cares about your needs
  • Easy, happy, and willing to help with anything
  • Will go above and beyond for you
  • Flexible and adaptable approach to working

How can my content marketing solutions help you?

  • Creating SEO and keyword efficient blog content can help boost your websites organic traffic
  • Creating strategic social media & blog content will help to engage and convert your target audience

Do you need help with your personal branding?

  • Does digital marketing scare you? Do you not have enough time to grow your online presence?
  • Do you have an interesting niche or business and need help developing your online presence? 
  • Do you have a fitness business (are an athlete) and need help developing your digital presence?
  • Get in touch for help on how you can generate extra income through develop your online personal brand.

Final words….Creating content that resonated with the target consumer is something that is truly satisfying. I am looking forward to working with you to deliver you businesses goals.

Interested in any of my services then please do get in touch!