True to Size? Brooks Glycerin 17

True to Size? Brooks Glycerin 17

True to Size? How close to true sizing do Brooks Glycerin 17 shoes run?

True to size? How close to true sizing do those running shoes run? These are one my leading dilemmas when buying running shoes online.

I hope that my comparison to the Nike Pegasus Turbo helps you make the right size decisions.

YES they are (true to size in trainer terms)! Brooks sizing are really honest. I’m a size 5 in the Brooks Glycerin 17’s.

The shoes are the same sizing and fit as the Nike Pegasus Turbo 2’s if you have a pair of those to compare?

The Running Shoe Guru also confirm that the shoe runs “true to size”. Head over to their page for more great review on trainers.

Brooks Sizing Chart

True to fit? Brooks Size Guide
Brooks Recommends going up 1/2 size from your normal dress shoe size. I would agree with this.

Brooks Glycerin 17: Shoe Review

After deciding that my New Balance 1080 were going to be decommissioned to a fashion shoe I now still needed a shoe to replace my Brooks Ghost.

I resigned myself to the fact that Brooks shoes seem to really suit my feet, so I went to my local Up & Running store.

My next choice was to decide whether I wanted to part with my much loved Brooks Ghost’s?

As soon as I put my foot into the shoe I knew they were the shoe for me. The shop attendant at the up and running branch checked whether the Glycerin 17’s in a 5 wide (or D width) were in stock.

The Brooks Glycein’s were true to size. Brooks are great because once you know what size you are they don’t change the size of the shoe for different models. If you are a Size 5 in the Brooks Glycerin then you can almost 100% sure you’ll be the same size in the Ghost. Some other shoe brands (I find this with Nike especially) it’s so hard to predict the shoe sizing as it changes for different models.

Fortunately, they were so I ordered a pair there and then for collection on payday!

Look & Feel

I picked my shoes up on pay day, and have now ran in the shoes twice. The shoes are cushioned without feeling heavy. The shoe actually felt lighter than the Ghost’s but have more cushioning, which is a real win. They appear to have the makings of a perfect high mileage shoe.

True to Size? Are Brooks Glycerin 16 True to Size?
Brooks photo shoot 🙂

Brooks design shoes with the Runners Biomechanics in Mind

We engineer our gear in the lab, but we bring it to life on the unique, real-world humans who will wear it. This is the result of tireless biomechanical research with runners of every size, strength and experience. But most of all, it’s the result of listening.” Brooks

For me Brooks aren’t the best looking running shoe on the market. Brooks definitely invest in the function of the shoe before the look, each part of the shoes design serves a purpose.

The shoes material is light and airy, which allows the foot breath. The soul of the foot is much more grippy than my previous set of Ghost Brooks. My models laces are bright orange which complements the colour of the rest of the shoe. There are other colours that you can choose from on the Brooks website.

True to Size, Yes! But would I recommend them to my fellow runner?

Yes, it’s a 2 out of 2 win for Brook models so far. In the past I have been plagued with lower leg and foot problems. Since switching to Brooks on the recommendation of another runner these problems seem to have cleared up. If you have weird feet like me, i.e. high arches and bunions then you should really try out Brooks.

If you own a pair of Glycerin’s I’d love to know how you have found them. I’d also love to know if you have found this post useful?

Brooks photo shoot ;D – beautiful & so comfy

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