3 Fabulous Running Transformation Workouts Beginner Runners will Love

3 Fabulous Running Transformation Workouts Beginner Runners will Love

3 Fabulous Running Workouts to help you start your running transformation NOW.

Do you want to try some more interesting running sessions? Do you need to mix up Couch 2 5km to keep you excited? You need to try these 3 running transformation workouts for beginners.

Running is a cheap, easy way to get both your body and mind more healthy. Couch 2 5km can be a bit dull so here are 3 running workout to spice up your life!

Before you start your running workouts you need to know the importance of warming up πŸ™‚

Before you get started your running workouts you need to understand the importance of warming up. Tight hips, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps can lead to injury ESPECIALLY if you are new to running.

To start your session begin with 10 minutes of jogging or brisk walking if you struggle to run longer than a couple of minutes at a time. Now it is time for you to feel a bit silly. To dynamically stretch your muscles and get them ready to run you should get into the habit of practicing running drills. They may look a bit weird but they will not only make you faster but prevent nasty injuries.

You will now feel, loose, free, happy and raring to go!!

1. Step Session

You don’t need to be scared to start my first running workout. It will get you thinking fast and at the end of the session you will hopefully had some fun, burnt some calories, and be on the road to becoming a stronger runner!

All you will need to start is about 15 steps. The step workout then consists of the following movements. Check out the video below for the movement demonstration.

  1. Forward skipping
  2. Side step skipping (both sides)
  3. Crossover both left and right side – you’ll need some coordination for this one :D!
  4. Slow and controlled knee raises – try and hold on the ball of your foot for as long as possible
  5. Fast high knees
  6. Fast bum flicks
  7. Sweeps to stretch out your hamstrings. It’s essential you keep your hamstring loose to prevent injury
  8. Skip up the stairs trying to keep fast feet. You will have some trying to get the co-ordination to do this one properly.
  9. Slalom Skiing – which is jumping double footed
  10. Speed skating
  11. Hopping every step on both your left and right foot
  12. Speed fast feet
  13. Side step – fast left and right

Repeat these moves up 15-20 steps 2-3 times and you will have completed a really good

2. Hill Sprint Running Workout will build strength, speed & endurance.

Short hill sprint workouts target strength, speed and endurance. You just need to find a hill.

This type of hill session will be short and intense but will be great for building speed and strength for your 5km park runs.

The session format is really simple. You run uphill for 60–90 seconds with a jog back to the starting point as recovery.

The pace should be about 2 miles to 5K race pace on a hill that’s roughly a 6–8 percent grade. 6% gradient is just a gradual incline. You don’t need to find anything too steep. The grade of the hill and the speed at which you’re running make this a fantastic workout for developing power, strength, and your ability to deliver precious oxygen to your muscles.

3. Steady State Running Workouts off-road will save your mind!

Skipping, running and singing around the trails help to save my mind after a hard days work. Giving your mind a break by getting closer to nature is the ultimate therapy. Read more about the benefits coastal trail runs can have on mental health below.

Steady state running is the easiest session of them all. Run from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your ability keeping your heart rate between 70-80% of your max (or lower). Stop and walk if you wish. Take time to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. Remember not all runs are about running as fast as you can!

If you struggle to find your steady pace then you just need to follow the link to a useful pace calculator created by McMillan Running below.

Idea | Why don’t you do a couch to 5km session running the intervals at 70-80% of your max hear rate? You need to take your session to the trails to really let go, enjoy and unwind.

Garmin makes this really easy for the runner by showing the zones as a colour. You should be running in the blue and green zones. For more information on fitness tracker options then head to my article below which outlines 3 great fitness trackers for beginner runners.

Do you want to learn more about how to create better running workouts? You need to read the books below. These books will get you to think completely differently about the way you create your running workouts.

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