Running | Kit Test | New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

Running | Kit Test | New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

First impressions

The first step into the New Balance 1080 trainer was pure pleasure, and into a false sense of security. I completely ignored that the shoes were too narrow for my foot, and too wide at the back for slim heels. For anyone with normal shaped feet these shoes are comfortable. The longer that I walk and wear the trainers the shoes do seem to be molding to my feet. I am going to give them a few more weeks of wearing in before decommission.


The price of the New Balance Fresh Foam is about in line with what you would pay for a high-end running shoe. I never begrudge paying a bit more for a good shoe because they definitely prevent foot and leg injuries. My favourite model of running shoe is currently Brooks Ghost D fit, which seemed to have helped my lower leg and foot issues.

Style & Size

For everything the New Balance shoe lacks in width in the toe box area, it makes up in style. The colour of shoe is a gorgeous blue, which works really well with jeans. I went for a .5 size bigger than my normal shoe size, so went for a 5 instead of a 4.5.

Would I recommend?

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 are a fantastic shoe for anyone who has a normal shaped foot. If you have a slightly wider foot then these may take a little getting used to. I have been wearing the shoes for about a week walking around and are now starting to fit my feet. Thankfully, even if the shoe does not end up feeling comfortable to run in, they are beautiful and can be worn every day at the office.

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