Running injury cured through the best running shoes for training

Running injury cured through the best running shoes for training

Running injury stopping you train to your full potential? Finding the best running shoes could be your key to injury prevention.

How can running shoes rotation prevent a running injury?

Shoe rotation has been shown to reduce lower limb running injury risk. This is basically because different shoes distribute forces through the muscle tissue differently.

Different shoes, with varying mid-sole firmness are shown to create a different gait. This can impact gait components such as stride length and ground reaction times.

Beginner Runners should spend money at a professional running shop to reduce running injury risk.

Running in the wrong shoe can lead to a whole host of running injury problems including shin splints & plantar fasciitis.

Professional running shops can assess whether you under/over-pronate or are a neutral runner. Identifying any biomechanical issues EARLY will help prevent running injury in the long term.

How many times have you purchased a shoe online to find they don’t fit (only after ruining them with 1 mile of running)?

@upandrunning and Runners Needs offer gait analysis and testing before you purchase. To find your perfect shoe, you need to be able to test them in the shop. Shoes can vary dramatically from brand to brand, and model to model. The experts at specialist running stores can help guide your purchase and stop you wasting money.

Not able to make it to a professional running shop? You can order online and try before you BUY with HOKA ONE ONE.

Hoka One One offer a fantastic option to try the shoes within a 30 day window. You can run in them more than once and they will still accept the return. Now that’s confidence in a product.

You can take the shoes for a test flight, or two or ten. If you’re not transported to a place of supreme comfort, you can return any pair within 30 days of the original purchase, no questions asked. “

This option is very valuable if you are not able to make it to a professional running shop! There have been so many occasions that I’ve ran in a new pair of trainers to discover I didn’t like them. That will save you at least £80 saved ;).

Go to a professional running shop, try on the shoes, find out what you like then search for deals online.

Some of my favourite online sports shoe shops are sportsshoes, ProDirect, Start Fitness, & Wiggle.

You can also go directly to some of my favourite running shoe brands including;

Running Injury risk can be reduced by wearing the right shoe, for the the right running session!

Beginner runners should be doing different paced sessions. The best way to rotate your shoes is to use different types for different sessions.

The three main variations that you should consider as a beginner runner are;

  1. Long easy running shoe
  2. Race Pace running shoe
  3. Racing/any track sessions running shoe
Running Injuries can be prevented by wearing the right running shoe for the right running session
My current shoe rotation

Below are some shoe suggestions for you to consider;

Speed & Tempo

For your tempo/speed sessions your aiming to be running close to/at/or faster than your race pace so you need a faster, more responsive shoe. That is unless you are completely new to running.

If new to running then stick to a well cushioned, supportive shoe until you have built up enough leg/foot strength to be able to cope with the impact of a less cushioned shoe.

Nike Pegasus Turbo 2

Nike Pegasus Turbo 2 is incredibly light but still has a decent amount of cushioning for pushing the pace over longer distances.

The shoe in fact has the same ZoomX foam as the rapid Nike Vaporfly (I’ll write a separate post on my favourite race shoes ;-), so stay posted).

Nike offers a great selection of colours, and I have to admit looks really nice on the foot.

Adidas Solar Boost

Adidas Solar Boost is a great versatile shoe for any distance runner. I’m able to run fairly long distances in these, but equally on days where I fancy pushing the pace these shoes are light, and responsive.

Adizero Boston 8

The Adizero Boston can be used for tempo runs or races. Running Shoe Guru’s review of the Boston trainer states that the shoes durability, cushioning and construction make is a great daily training shoe. It is also a great racing shoe from 10km to marathon distance. The shoe is a comfier version of the Adizero record breaking family. The shoe scores a solid 9 on the Running Guru Review. Check out the article here.

“The current world record is held by Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto, who ran 2:02:57 at the 2014 Berlin Marathon while wearing Adidas‘ adizero Adios Boost 2.0 racing flats.”

The rev g Its construction, durability, and cushioning make it a solid daily trainer, but its faster feel also lends it a great racing shoe from 10k and especially up to the marathon distance.

“Ideal for going the distance, the Adizero Boston 8 Shoes from adidas are race-ready training shoes that provide a secure fit and unrivaled comfort. Delivering premium cushioning and support with every stride so you can take down the competition.”

Stability Tempo Shoe Options

HOKA Arahi 4

HOKA ONE ONE do a great fast stability option called the Arahi 4.

Runners World recently quoted “The Hoka Arahi 4 is a firm, fast stability shoe in Hoka’s performance range” …. kudos indeed!

Long Runs & Recovery

For you recovery days and any long runs you want a shoe that is well cushioned, and is capable of supporting your feet and legs. Your long run shoes don’t need to be light or quick. They should just be super comfortable.

Picking the right shoe will help to keep you injury free whilst logging your miles.

HOKA One One have a great range of cushioned models. Here are the shoes that have kept me injury free;


The HOKA Rincon is both responsive and cushioned.

The cushioning helps save those legs and feet as you build up that mileage. They are also light enough to give you the ability to pick up the pace if you wanted to.

“Inspired by the smooth waves of the world-famous Rincon surf spot, this shoe is easily a best-in-class contender. The Rincon packs amazing cushioning into an extremely lightweight shoe for an ultra-soft, effortlessly weightless feel.”

HOKA One One Carbon X

The Hoka One One Carbon X are a faster version Hoka One One Rincon.

Every time you wear this shoe they seem to feel faster. The carbon plate helps to roll your foot. The shoe lays credit to the 50 mile world record so are a great race shoe option for those wanting to race Ultra distance.

They are also a great option for just building up mileage. They have more than enough cushioning to keep you comfortable for up to 10 mile+.

Stability options for longer and easier runs

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

There seems to be a lot more choice when it comes to long run/easy day stability shoes.

My husband Phil has a pair of the Brooks Adrenaline that he has really got on with, although not super fast they are light enough to be able to log some comfortable miles.

Brooks boast that the shoes has…

“Responsive BioMoGo DNA cushioning stacked above a soft DNA LOFT Crash Pad work together to provide a touch of spring underfoot while cushioning each footfall.” say that these shoes aren’t your traditional stability shoe that has a comfortable ride and well fitting interiors. Link to the article can be found here.

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    You can pick up last season’s Boston’s pretty cheaply. I love them for marathons and marathon pace type running, lightweight but still got enough cushioning for the long haul. I was using them for almost all of my running for a long time, but got some Pegasus 35 Shields for winter and have fallen in love with them a bit. They’re a bit squishier but having dry feet in winter and a bit more grip on trails in summer is so welcome!

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      Amazing, thank you!!!

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