3 Amazing Ways Coastal Trail Runs Boost Mental Health, Mindfulness & Happiness

3 Amazing Ways Coastal Trail Runs Boost Mental Health, Mindfulness & Happiness

Coastal Trail Runs can Boost Mental Health in 3 Amazing Ways!

Do you need some motivation to start running? Are you struggling to find an escape from the daily grind? You need to start Coastal Trail Runs to benefit the mind and body.

There 3 reasons why you need to travel to coastal trail runs to boost your mental health.

Coastal trail runs take you on a romantic journey along paths usually owned by nature. The sea can be soothing and dramatic, it carves and creates a beautiful coastline. Every coastline is completely different and has its own story to tell. Thinking about these magical stories transports you to here and now. If you are trying to become more mindful then Coastal Trail Runs easily transports you to the here and now.

Most of us plan our day while listening to the radio or on the commute into work. Life is just a whirlwind. You don’t stop and get that time you need for yourself. Practicing mindfulness is a key practice for escaping this trap.

What is Mindfulness and what does it have to do with coastal trail runs?

Mindfulness is the process of bringing the mind to the present, and accepting it without judgement (great definition can be found here). This state of mind is a definite buzz word. The words search rate on Google is dramatically increasing year on year. Mindfulness has also been examined by the Scientific community who have found that it is key to your over all happiness.

What does Mindfulness have to do with coastal trail runs?

Do you struggle to leave the stress of the day behind you? Lacing up and hitting your local trails (by the sea or not) can help you bring your mind to the present. The 3 Ways that coastal trail runs boost your mental health all have a common them and that is Mindfulness.

Here are the 3 Ways Coastal Trail Runs will Boost your mental health 

1. Exploring and learning about nature & history will help you focus on the present

Mindfulness is all about living in the present. In order to be able to live in the present you need to escape the here and now. Exploring and learning about the nature that you can see on your run can help you achieve this state of mind.

Read below for some inspiration on how you can use the wildlife on your next trail run to bring your mind to the present.
First take time out on your run to take note of your surroundings. Remember you don’t need to run this one for a PB. There are plenty more days in the week to train harder. To use your run to boost your mental health you need to slow it down. You can walk if you want!
 If you have time to research what species are native to the trail you are running then this can help you spot and identify wildlife. 
On the Isle of Man the species that can be identified include a variety of seabirds include the Manx Shearwater, Puffins (if you are VERY lucky), guillemots, shags, and many more (visit to the Manx Wildlife Trust for the full list).
You can also spot the local Manx Loaghtan sheep breed roaming free along these paths. This primitive breed and their relatives covered the hills of the Isle of Man until the 18th century but by the 1950s numbers had declined to a handful. As a result of the work of enthusiasts on the Isle of Man and in England, numbers have steadily increased over the last 50 years. Continued success will ensure the Loaghtan has a future providing excellent quality meat and wool as a pure breed Loaghtan. 

2. Steady State Low Heart Rate Running is proven to help your Mental Health

Steady state running has a few benefits that can help boost your mental health. 

  1. Steady state running slows cognitive decline, boosts your capacity for learning, and protects neurons against the corrosive effects of cortisol.
  2. Steady state running can promote brain growth.
  3. It prevents stress. By initiating physical stress it helps ready the body to also cope with emotional stress.
  4. It reduces muscle tension, which in turn, reduces anxiety.

It is much easier to run at a steady pace on trail runs. There are natural breaks created by dodging thing, jumping over stiles, or taking time to check your route. If you have a habit of always running on the edge then take your fitness tracker on your trail run and ensure your heart rate doesn’t go above 70% of your max rate. If you don’t have a fitness a fitness tracker or heart rate monitor then make sure you can sing out loud while you run.

The delight you will feel allowing yourself the chance to stop and take in the beautiful coastal scenery will instantly boost your mood. 

Living on the Isle of Man you get the opportunity to experience some dazzling coastline. The rugged rocky paths feel so old. Your imagination runs wild while you navigate these trails. With Neolithic settlements being located near the paths you are transported to a prehistoric time. A time when our cousins roamed and hunted on the same land.

Although the mind is technically in the past you are still practising mindfulness. You have stopped thinking about your own problems and have stepped into another dimension and time. A time where the only thing people worried about was food in their belly and a warm place sleep.


3. Journaling with a coffee from the local artisan coffee shop will help boost your mental health post Coastal Trail Run

Post Coastal Trail Run put pen to paper and draw/describe what you have seen on your run. If there is something that interested you then do some research about its history.

What is Journaling?

Journaling is simply taking time to write down your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis.

You will be surprised what you learn by just putting pen to paper

People are beginning to learn the mental health benefits of just writing (or drawing). Setting aside time to pick up your pen and put it to paper is therapy that many never knew they needed.

Journaling is a useful outlet to take some timeout for yourself. It presents an opportunity to write down what you’re feeling. Writing down (or drawing) what your feeling can help rationalise your thoughts. You will be able to start noticing patterns and habits that you need to change.

From personal experience journaling has been an opportunity to unleash some long lost creativity. Being creative has always been at the core but life never gave me the spare time to practice it. Setting aside time to journal will help you unlock a part of you that you may have lost, or never knew existed.

Why are coastal trail runs so useful for journaling?

As mentioned in the previous two points. Coastal trail runs keep your mind in the present. The beauty of the run and the steady exercise get both your body and mind to a place where it is able to rationally explore thoughts and feelings. 

Coastal trail runs always could inspire your next business idea. Taking time to write down those ideas straight after a run could be the key to a happier future.

Slow down your life with me :)!!

If you have enjoyed this article and the beautiful pictures of the Isle of Man, then you might enjoy my latest vlog. It takes you from planting seeds to grow my own tasty veg to a lovely long walk long the Isle of Man’s coastline where I share a little bit of history :)!

To help get you started journaling then follow the link below to your free download.

What kit did I bring?

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