11 Best at Home Workout Equipment for Runners that Need Speed NOW!

11 Best at Home Workout Equipment for Runners that Need Speed NOW!

Best at home workout equipment that every runner needs to invest in to get faster. Do you want to PR in Spring? You need to start strength training NOW!

Have you been neglecting strength workouts because you have not been able to get to the gym? Are you a runner who keeps getting injuries? Do you spend all your time building runner mileage *Especially since COVID*?

You need to invest in the best at home workout equipment to become a faster, stronger, runner. Strength workouts using home gym equipment will help you build the muscle required to run a fast 5km, 10km, half marathon, or marathon. The key to building muscle is consistency. You need to be consistently showing up and doing strength workouts (2 x per week) to start seeing a difference in speed, strength, and efficiency.

The most simple way you can become more consistent at strength workouts is by a small investment in some home gym equipment. You can do great workouts using your own body weight! However at home gym equipment such as weights, bars and balance balls can add both variety and the extra resistance you need make all those running gains you’ve only ever dreamt of!

You will find out the best at home workout equipment below. But! Do you also need some home strength workout inspiration?

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    Best at Home Workout Equipment that Runners should invest in to help build speed & strengh.

    All from the comfort of your home!

    Door Pull Up Bar.  This item is perfect for leg raises and pull ups. 

    “Performing exercises like pullups that use your body weight as resistance will help you carry your body weight through your run without adding unnecessary bulk.” 


    Dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment. Build up the key muscles you use to run while improving your overall strength and stability. From performing bent over rows, to weighted squats they help to not only build arm strength but also core and leg depending on the movements you perform. The best value for money would be to purchase these items in a weight set.


    Barbell work can be very beneficial to runners because the core is forced to work so much harder to stabilise the body than when using bodyweight, dumbbells or machines. Keeping the weight relatively light and the reps high, the following moves will leave you with a core primed for strong, fast, injury-free running. Does the barbell scare you? Check out this beginner guide to lifting a barbell to make sure that you are doing it correctly.

    Resistance bands

    Resistance bands have become extremely popular recently. They don’t take up space and you can find millions of full body workouts using them instead of weights. Runners World has posted a great free workout for you to try here.

    Step Up Box

    Improving your jumping ability will lead to an increase in your speed. So the humble step up box might just be the best piece of equipment you could own. This is through getting your hamstrings to produce greater tension. In basic language most runners have tight hamstrings because running is a VERY repetitive action. Producing force in a different way could be the secret to you getting faster. If you feel like the small step-up box is not challenging enough then why not try the a 20/24” box. Any crossfitter will instantly recognise this piece of equipment ;).


    Kettlebells are another basic piece of at home workout equipment. Improve your running performance and protect against injuries in one quick workout. “This functional and efficient weight can turn lower-body exercises into an intense, muscle-building workout. Kettlebell exercises are great for all parts of your body, but they really give your legs a serious challenge, which is key to building strength for runnershttps://www.runnersworld.com/training/a25785517/kettlebell-exercises/

    Fitness trackers

    Have you just started running? Whether for running or home workouts the fitness track is an essential for anyone looking to get fitter and lose weight. Check out some of my favourites below. You might also be interested in reading my guide to how to lose weight running?

    Skipping rope

    The classic playground toy might be the secret to your next PR. Providing both aerobic (fat burning) & anaerobic (speed) workouts it is probably THE most versatile piece of at home workout equipment. You can take it with you wherever you go. As a fitness fanatic who used to travel with work on a regular basis a skipping rope was a great way to get your fitness hit in the comfort of your hotel room.

    Foam Roller

    Although this piece of equipment wont build bigger muscles it will keep things supple so that your muscles can get stronger. “Foam rolling improves circulation, which gets the body ready for a workout and helps it recover afterward. And because rolling breaks down knots that limit range of motion, it preps your muscles for stretching. Staying loose and limber is especially important for those demanding long runs and speed workouts you’ve been doing to train for your spring races.” 

    I know that a lot of physiotherapists who use the trigger point foam roller brand. See link to shop below.

    Foam rolling can be a good way to prevent plantar fasciitis (painful foot heel). Check out my article here to find out more about painful plantar facsiitis. The article will take you through how you can prevent and treat it!

    Best at home gym equipement WINNER! You will never regret investing in a Turbo trainer!

    Cycling can be a great way for runners to boost their VO2 max and connecting your bike to a turbo trainer you can workout in the comfort of your own home. Smart turbo training can keep you active when you have running injuries or the weather is horrific outside!

    The below trainer is expensive. It costs $1000+ but you get so many brilliant benefits for that price. The ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities will enable you to take part in Zwift social cycling and sync your workout data to your Garmin.

    Yoga Mat

    Get yourself a good quality workout yoga mat. Yoga mats will help protect your carpet and your bum when doing sit-ups.

    The above links will take you through to amazon where you can purchase the item. I hope that this article helps to get you moving and running faster from the comfort of your own home!

    If you need workout inspiration then go ahead and sign-up to receive 8 great workouts for runners. All workouts include links to Youtube demo video.

    Please do post in the comments below if you have found this article useful. Happy workouts peeps :).

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