4 Simple Solo Running Tips

4 Simple Solo Running Tips

The motivation, help and advice that I get from my running buddies during our training has helped so much with life’s hurdles. Over a 1 hour running session we bounce business ideas, chat over life’s challenges, and help guide each other’s training. Hanging onto faster runners coat tales definitely helps make you fitter, and faster. @morris_miles89 & @Caz have really made me a better athlete and person over the past few months.

Running with ma gals 🙂

With Phil my husband being in a high risk category we’ve been withdrawing ourselves from social commitments. This has meant me saying no to my beloved group run therapy sessions. I decided last week that since all races had been cancelled that it was ok to have a week of just running, and enjoying the beautiful Isle of Man country/seaside roads. I needed this to remind me of exactly why I love running. Ignoring paces, I started to just run as fast as my legs and lungs wanted.

Time out | Taking in the beauty of the Raad ny Foillan on the Isle of Man

Now with my head back in the game, my goal is to stay as healthy and fit as I can over the next couple of months. I’m going to focus on building a bit more speed into my training, and also try if possible run more miles. Although I do not want to sacrifice my health for more miles, it’s a fine balance, you need to listen to your body especially at this time.

Below is a sample of my weeks training;

  • Monday – PILATES/REST
  • Tuesday – Sets x4 – 200 R + 200 jog + 200R + 400 jog + 400R + 200 jog
  • Wednesday – Easy Running Day
  • Thursday – Easy Running Day
  • Friday – 4 x 1 mile runs at T pace w 1min rest after each mile + 4 x 200R
  • Saturday – Easy Running
  • Sunday – Sunday Long Run

I base all my paces upon my 5km/10km PB, check out an earlier post for more information on pacing. If you need any help building with a running programme then check out my shop.

 Tips for running solo

  1. Plan out your session/week so you know what you need to achieve
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not hitting certain times & paces, especially if you are on the open road.
  3. Plan interesting routes to keep you occupied on your runs
  4. Do keep a long term goal as that will keep you getting up and heading out. That goal might be losing weight, or training for an event

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