Runner Snacks | Ciara’s Taste Test | RX Bars

Runner Snacks | Ciara’s Taste Test | RX Bars


RX Bars are not yet in UK stores but you are able to get hold of the bars through their online store. The RX bar customer support on the products facebook page were extremely helpful and have offered to send out a small batch of their products for me to test.

Marketed as clean protein bar, the new RX bar has everything that I normally look for in snack. The bars ingredients are completely natural, with any sugar and protein coming from the bar components. The bars all contain roughly 10g protein, and …….. calories.

The protein to calorie percentage is not as high as some protein bars (Grenade Bar), but is a decent ratio considering that all the ingredients are natural. This for me is the perfect snack for a busy runner trying to maintain their training alongside a full time job.

My sample box includes four different varieties;



Taste test: If you love peanut butter this is the bar for you. My favourite snack bars is currently the Meridian peanut butter bars purely for the fact that the bar is pure peanut butter. This bar is very similar, but a little bit sweeter, and with extra grams of protein.

The consistency is smooth with little chucks, and very chewy.

Rate: 9/10

Coconut & Chocolate

Taste Test: This bar was a little bit too sweet, and the coconut overwhelming. The cocoa nibs did however save the bar. The nibs of chocolate gave a nice contrast to the coconut.

The consistency of the bar is again chewy. I personally like this consistency because makes that bar feel rich and satisfying. If you do not like things sticking to your teeth then these bars aren’t for you.

Rate: 6/10


Taste Test: Really enjoyed this bar, it was the perfect hit of sweet without being sickly.

The consistency was again chewy.

Rate: 8/10

Chocolate Seasalt

Taste test: Enjoyed the cocoa nibs, but I again felt the bar was a bit too sickly sweet for me. This flavour is definitely for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

Chewy consistency, with chucks of cocoa nibs.

Rate: 7/10

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