What do I hope to achieve with my blog?

To help inspire others to be fitter, healthier, happier versions of themselves through running and eating well. 

Since lockdown I have been made redundant. Running on the beautiful Isle of Man Trails, Eating & Blogging have kept my mental health as strong as it has ever been!! 

I will share my blog posts on topics that I’m oh so passionate about!! 

When did my RUN love begin?

I have been running since I was about 10 years old. The rule in our household was always you can sit in the car and be bored, or you can get out and join in. You can guess which option I chose. 

My mum and dad were keen race walkers and are passionate about athletics and running. Dad impressively managed a sub 3hr London Marathon back in the day.

Running took a back seat whilst I studied

I undertook a Sports Science degree at Brunel University in 2010, but until now have lived a life in the corporate world. There was also a period when fitness took a back seat, and partying was the priority. 

Then in 2014 I joined CrossFit, which got me active, and reawakened my love for fitness. In an effort to get fitter for CrossFit I started incorporating runs into my programmes. I started getting faster, and faster off not much specific training at all. I entered a few races, joined my local athletics club, and the rest is history. Over the past few years I’ve shaved over 10 minutes off my 10km time, and sit in the top 25% for my age group.

So what will RUNNING fun will I share?

  1. Training hints and tips.
  2. Clothing, kit, supplement, recovery and footwear picks 
  3. Beautiful trail runs that make me happy, follow and subscribe to my youtube ISLE OF MAN trail running serie

Here and there I’ll talk about the place that I live… The beautiful ISLE OF MAN. My husbands sailing habits. The Chihuahua’s I love and more random snippets into my life in a sleepy little fishing village. Coffee, cake, and fresh fish, there couldn’t be much better places to exist!!

I’ll also share my struggles and strife trying to become a full time content creator. The more I learn the more hints and tips I’ll try to pass on to my lovely readers.

I love to EAT healthy FOOD

I don’t like to put a label on my diet but it is predominantly plant-based. Vegetables, nuts and seeds make me feel good and are so versatile.

DISCLAIMER I’m not 100% vegan so you will see bits of dairy and fish posted now and again. I believe that there are times when you are training hard that you need more calorie dense foods. If my body craves it then I won’t restrict what I eat.

In this blog section I will post lots of healthy recipes, and point you in the direction of some kick arse nutritionists, and chefs x

No 4 Easy Vegan Recipe: Carbonara with Roasted Broccoli and Peas

My TOP shopping picks with a RUNNING theme

I’m always on the look out for the latest running gear, fashion, SALES, and reads to help inspire you to get running.

My top reads for running success, general self-improvement, healthy food and MOREEE

Since being been made redundant I’ve read and learnt so much! I’ve found audio books in particular have helped me digest information on so many things. Some of the subjects covered have been blogging, SEO strategies, running performance, healthy recipes, and so much more.

I’ll share some of my top reads to hopefully help you with personal greatness :)!!

Following my Passion

After initially being given my redundancy news I pursued my passion in running by committing to Sports Massage and PT courses. This is a very obvious and conventional route to following a career in health and fitness.

However throughout COVID lockdown I’ve had a few light-bulb moments whilst teaching myself about Website creation and content marketing strategies. I love the buzz of creating content that people read and watch. 

I’m actively looking for collaborations for this blog, create feature blog articles, digital marketing opportunities.

So if you just need help boosting your online presence, please feel free to get in touch. 

Ciara x

Eat Run Passion - Work With Me