How can you lose weight running?

How can you lose weight running?

Do you want to lose weight running like Adele? Are you constantly on a YOYO diet? Do you think that running is the answer?

Running is fantastic tool for Mental Health First. But can you lose weight running?

The most valuable impact running have is a boost in mental health (in my view;)). However, if you’re reading this article because you were attracted by the Heading. You will want to know whether you can lose weight running?

Calories count when trying to lose weight by running.

Running uses the number of muscles you probably didn’t know existed. Experts argue that between 650 to 850 muscles are used when running.

With that many muscles in use at any one time you can see how that would get your body’s metabolism fired up and burning calories.

The average person will burn between 80 to 140 calories per mile. 30 minutes of running will burn between 280 and 520 calories, depending on your weight and speed. The calories burned running will depend on your weight, time spent running and to a lesser degree, your speed.

Lose Weight Running by creating healthy habits

Running mixed with eating balance healthy meals, is a great way to sustainably shift weight. Healthy food full of fruit and veg will make you feel good at the same time.

Do you struggle for healthy meal ideas? Check out by review of the 7 Day Vegan Challenge. Even if you are not vegan there are some great meal ideas that will add more healthy wholefoods into your diet. All ingredients can be conveniently bought from your local corner store.

Do not starve yourself!

Calculating the correct macros and calorie deficit is crucial. Running is a good method for losing weight because it burns a lots of calories. That is why you need to get the calories deficit right. You want to be safely losing weight. Not fainting on runs.

Not sure how to lose weight running safely? Get in touch with a registered nutrition.

Nutritionists like @nextlevelnutritioniom can help you reach your goals safely and without sacrificing too much. Running coupled with a carefully crafted diet plan is crucial for sustainable weight loss.

If you can’t afford a nutritionist then a FITNESS TRACKER may be your next best option.

Fitness trackers help you become more mindful of the calories your consume.

“For the uninitiated, a fitness tracker is a device that looks like a watch or bracelet. It measures your steps, your heart rate, and your general levels of activity, and uses this information to calculate and track a range of other things, like how many calories you’ve burned.”

How does the fitness tracker work?

When you purchase your fitness tracker you can input all of personal information that will impact your metabolism (e.g. gender, age, weight, height etc), and it will estimate the calories you should burn as different exercise intensities. 

Watch has calculated 483 calories (2x Mars bars haha) burnt, by no means 100% accurate, but is a good place to start.

The 3 best fitness trackers for runners

The best fitness tracker for beginner runners: Fitbit Charge 3

If you are just starting out on your fitness journey then this little watch is a great place to start.

The watch is small, and stylish enough to wear all day long.

The run function is basic. But if you are more concerned with calculating calories then this watch is fine.

This model does have GPS so it does enable you to keep an eye on running speed, and upload to strava to share your running with other like minded people :). The fitbit app has plenty of data to get your teeth into and get you used to wearable fitness tracker life :D.

The best watch for those wanting to follow couch 2 5km Apple iWatch

The iWatch is the next step above the FitBit. The watch is stylish and it has easy link-ability to your iphone.

The app isn’t as intuitive as Fitbit, but the running statistics for running on the actual watch are a step ahead.

iWatch has a large enough to show cadence, split, heart rate, calories etc. These are useful statistics if you are taking running more seriously. You can also add apps like couch to 5km to the watch. The apple wallet functionality is also perfect for that post run coffee!

Lose weight Running - C25KM - apple app

There is no split capability on the iWatch. So if you are beyond Couch to 5km then it may be a good idea to move on to a Garmin watch.

Garmin Watches

Fenix 5S

The Garmin Fenix 5S is for any runner who has progressed past Couch 2 5km.

The data on my Garmin is so interesting, and addictive. The ability to use splits in your sessions also helps take your interval and multi paced runs to the next level.

The Garmin app, and widget apps enable you to play with the functionality, and display of the watch, which is amazing if you love data!!

There is a decent deal on the Garmin Fenix 6S at the moment on Amazon, the next model above the 5S.

This Garmin Forerunner is also a decent option if you are looking for something slightly cheaper.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Multisport and Running Watch

Lose Weight Running: Summary

Running is a great tool for losing weight due to the significant amount of calories burnt.

The key to success is 1) having a running plan that suits your ability, 2) you eat healthy, 3) you stay mindful about calories you consume vs. burn.

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