5 Easy Vegan Recipe Ideas

5 Easy Vegan Recipe Ideas

Easy Vegan Recipe Ideas that makes going Vegan Easy

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge contains simple Easy Vegan Recipe Ideas to help anyone convert to a healthier diet!

The easy vegan recipe ideas from Bettina’s book really do make eating vegan easy! It can be a struggle to find the ingredients I need for most vegan recipes without having to go to a specialist health food shop. All the ingredient for the easy vegan recipes in this book can be bought from your local coop!! LIFE CHANGING!!

I really try to avoid putting a label on my diet. My philosophy is to eat what you love and what makes you feel good. It just so happens that I love vegetables!

My diet is predominantly plant based with the odd bit of dairy and fish so a 7 day vegan challenge isn’t really much of a challenge.

Why did I decide to buy Bettina-Capolucci Bordi’s The 7 Day Vegan Challenge book?

I bought this book after I saw Bettina-Campolucci Bordi on James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen. She wowed both James & Marcus Wareing with her vegan Camembert Style RoundsPrior to them tasting the vegan cheese you could see their dubious faces. Lets face it, it’s so hard to get a good vegan cheese. But as they tasted the cheese you could see the amazement in their faces. They loved the cheese and were really keen to learn the recipe. 

After I had watched Saturday Kitchen I then automatically searched for Bettina’s Instagram profile, which is pure foodie inspiration. Vegan, or not. That’s when I thought I need to buy her book…. the 7 Day Vegan Challenge.

First Impressions of 7 Day Vegan Challenge

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge book arrived after ordering from Amazon the week prior. As soon as it was delivered I instantly opened the package to have a quick flick through the 7 Day Vegan Challenge book. 

My initial thoughts were how impressed I was at how little ingredients were required for most of the meals. I think that with an empty fridge and what was left in my store cupboard I could have still made at least 10% of the recipes. Towards the back of the 7 Day Vegan Challenge book I also noticed a handy planner and shopping list. What was even more brilliant was that most items could be purchased at my tiny village Coop.

7 Day Vegan Challenge: Recipes that I’ve tried so far

I thought that it might be useful to share some of the recipes that I’ve tried so far. So here is a quick run down in no particular order.

No 1 Easy Vegan Recipe: Bettina’s Ethiopian Rice & Sweet Potatoes

This was a really tasty evening meal. The recipe suggested that you use brown rice but you can use any grain (I used quinoa). The nutritional value of all Bettina’s recipes are amazing. The meals are also oh so tasty! They have have the potential to turn any meat eater vegan…. for at least 7 days.

No 2 Easy Vegan Recipe: Tomato Gnocci

This recipe Bettina created through her love of Gnudi, which is basically large pillowy gnocci. The recipe is totally gluten free making it ideal for anyone who is gluten intolerant.

The recipe took about 30mins to pull together using a small number of ingredients.

What I love about this recipe is the fresh tomato sauce that you can use in other pasta dishes. I think everyone habitually uses tinned tomatoes. This recipe will get you to switch from tinned to fresh!!

No 3 Easy Vegan Recipe: 15 minute flourless choc chip banana muffins

Who knew you can use chickpeas in a dessert?!! Another recipe that is super easy to make!

No 4 Easy Vegan Recipe: Carbonara with Roasted Broccoli and Peas

For those that will not go vegan because they’ll miss carbonara too much. This is a great substitute.

Quick and easy to whip up. You can also supplement a lot of the ingredients for whatever you have in the store cupboard. For this bowl I used soaked almonds instead of cashews. I’m sure the meal would have been much smoother and creamier had I used cashews!!  

No 5 Easy Vegan Recipe: 5 minute pea soup

This recipe really takes 5 minutes to make and requires only a few ingredients. The perfect nutritional meal to whip up at lunch time. 

Can I purchase 7 Day Vegan Challenge book from Amazon?

Yes you can! Follow my BUY NOW link to purchase the book through AMAZON.

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