Isle of Man Trail Run Guide: The Greeba Challenge

Isle of Man Trail Run Guide: The Greeba Challenge

This is a fun route created by my Dad the infamous Peter Kaneen. The GREEBA challenge has always been a great training route due to how close it is to my parents home in Glen Vine. As children Dad would say to my sisters and me “ey boy, if you can run to the top without stopping you know you’re in good shape”…. and this was the birth of the Greeba Challenge :D!!

This is the route that we ran as we started from my parents house. You can also start at the green track on the Mount Rule Road. We then ran to the top of Slieau Ruy & then over to Greeba. Down Greeba to the Greeba Castle, we the found the railway line, and ran home.
The GREEBA CHALLENGE direction guide – The challenge finish is actually the top of Slieau Ruy but you can run along the ridge to the top of Greeba if you feel the need ;D
Here is some more guidance on directions, plus some lovely views me and Sinéad had along the way

I’d love to hear if you have given this route a go :). Send me photos and I’ll add them to this page.

If you are from the UK (or further afield) and are wanting to visit after borders open and normality resumes then please do let me know.

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Happy running, Ciara x

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